A battle-scarred Rupture cruiser gracefully slid into the dim lighting of the docking bay and parked in the centre, guided with pinpoint accuracy by the station interlink to the ship’s […]

07-01-118 Intaki V – Moon 5, Astral Mining Inc. station “And the next shipment?” enquired Darius. “I hope it will go better than the last one.” “I have refitted our […]

Darius leaned closer to the terminal in his office at the Anubis Inc. headquarters in Pator and frowned. Across the table, his younger brother Kordan could sense a change in […]

The darkness almost seemed to rush past him at incredible speed. He felt as if he were falling through a void. He was falling faster with each second, as if […]

The world was pain. Swirling all around his head, dim lights danced in his vision giving him the sense that he was tumbling through blackness. He tried to move, but […]

The day had come for Darius to make his first supply delivery to Ramar’s new unit. The destination was deep in the Derelik region, the heart of the Ammatar system. […]

Darius opened his eyes and stretched as his command pod opened and he breathed the must air in his ship. Many people find the smell of re-circulated air rather unpleasant […]

In his early years at the Pator Tech School in Ryddinjorn, Darius Shakor had wished he could do so much more. Always interested in galactic politics, he learned from an […]

“Lets start at the beginning, a very good place to start.” – Julie Andrews, The Sound of Music And a good place it is, too. In 2003 I started playing […]