Site Closure and Content Relocation

Hey, everyone.

Right to the point, and sad to say, I will be closing down EVE Works and relocating all content to my primary writing site, Vandeamon Writing.

This was the result of a little thinking after some conversation with a friend, and ultimately very little has come of working on both sites when I have to divide my attention between them. Consolidating my work on one site makes more sense. I announced this change over at the Vandeamon site yesterday, too, and give more details on my reasoning there. However, long story short, there are no plans to work on anything new regarding EVE Online at this time due to my having left the game for the foreseeable future. Without fresh in-game experiences to work from the content here would eventually dry up as I finally get done uploading my previously written backlog of stories.

It is not that I have no ideas for anything new in EVE, and overall the world setting still holds interest for me. Even then, I do not see myself working on them in the immediate future. The ideas I have on the backburner, while in-world instead of character-based, are not at the front of my priority list at this time. If and when that changes, be assured they will have a home on Vandeamon Writing, along with all my current content.

The site will remain up for a time as I work out the backend stuff and learn how to configure things like referrals and such. However, this will be the last new post on this site.


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